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Re: the best dinosaur documentary possible

I feel that the 1992 four part PBS miniseries, "The Dinosaurs!," is a good 
template for a high quality dinosaur documentary.  Sure, there was speculation 
in the 2D animated sequences, but the paleontologists were shown conducting 
research and giving tangible demonstrations illustrating their hypotheses and 
findings.  It is the video analog of a book like _The Complete Dinosaur_, but 
more accessible, shorter, and older.  Sure, some of the content is dated by 
now, but this production scores high marks for science and showmanship.  The 
top notch direction, cinematography and editing really hooked me on the dynamic 
nature of paleontology.  Paleontologists study dead things -- and living 
things, too -- but the science is as lively as ever.  I would love to see an 
up-to-date paleo documentary following this format.

David Attenborough's "Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives" featured some of the finest 
fossils from around the world, and showed scientists and artists using fossil 
evidence to interpret and restore ancient life forms and environments.  This 
four part documentary first aired in 1989.  I consider it another example of a 
high quality paleo documentary.  If I were making such a documentary today, I 
would take notes on this one, too.