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Re: Campanian genera longevity

Rescued from truncation:

Surfing the internet I recently  found a scale-bar chart illustrating
> = Dinosaur genera longevity during the Campanian, but forgot to
> download = it. Can anyone here help me find it again? IF I remember
> correctly some = or all of the scale bars were coloured blue and
> genera such as = Chasmosaurus, Styracosaurus, Hypacrosaurus,
> Corythosaurus, Lambeosaurus, = Daspletosaurus and Gorgosaurus were
> included.
> Hopefully, Spike.

I recommend not even trying to find it again. There is no definition for "genus" other than "whatever any given author feels like at the moment". Genera are not countable or otherwise comparable. There can't be much actual, objective information in that chart.