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Re: the best dinosaur documentary possible

  I really liked the "four winged dinosaur" on Nova a few years ago.  Sure 
there was some CG and animatronics, but I loved seeing theories of how 
Microraptor used its many wings being tested. 
As far as I'm concerned a good doc doesn't need to be slick.  How many of us 
have sat through the video footage of the recent tyrannosaur vs ceratopsian 
show and tell on you tube for 20 minutes?


On Aug 29, 2012, at 8:27 AM, Bob Tess wrote:

> I suppose I am jumping the gun and I am afraid of jinxing it, but Bob and I 
> have been alarmed at the state of science education that we see and we have 
> been highly motivated to do something about it.
> We have owned dinosaurchannel.tv for several years and we are in the final 
> stages working in an entrepreneurial incubator to create a television website 
> accessible by a broad range of devices.
> Our aim is not to spend all the money on a few seconds of animation, which 
> only look cool ( when they actually look cool,) but to take the voracious 
> desires of young children for dinosaur material, and the indulgence of their 
> parents and cultivate an understanding of what science is, and does, and how 
> cool the world is, and how understanding science relates it to their lives.
> We will use dinosaurs as a way to reach them about math and art as well.
> Our intention is to combat fantastical thinking by presenting real science to 
> children (and their parents) in easily digestible bites on a daily/weekly 
> basis and hopefully, create a love of science that endures beyond a 
> fascination with dinosaurs.
> I know, no biggie.
> As always, there are 2 ways to fund it, the dark side of the force and the 
> Jedi way. The dark side has a lot more money but potentially wants the right 
> to interfere with our message.
> (It seems, these days in America, presenting science is political....)
> But, if you would care to help me put some numbers together, I would 
> appreciate it.
> How much would you charge to allow filming of you on a topic you love for 
> 7-10 minutes?
> How much does your museum charge to film a tour?
> Is Skype possible from your dig location? How much of a financial offset of 
> your field expenses would be reasonable to ask for Skype updates?
> We really can't say more until the funding is in place and because the 1st 25 
> episodes are proprietary, but anything you would like to say to us you can 
> email to us directly.
> Thanks for your help.
> Tess and Bob