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Re: A new 'dinosaur' Obamadon, or otherwise a case in moronic news reporting

> Obamadon new genus
> Etymology. The genus name refers to Barack Hussein Obama and odon (Greek) =
> tooth, in reference to the tall, straight teeth, and the manner in which Mr.
> Obama has acted as a role model of good oral hygiene for the world.

"Obama has acted as a role model of good oral hygiene for the world".

Well I guess that's something that can't be said about Clinton when he
was President!  Haw haw.  Get it?

(Apologies for the tasteless attempt at humor.)

Seriously, I've got nothing against naming new genera or species after
heads of government.  But the provided etymology for _Obamadon_ is
just weird.  By contrast, when a new species of "slime-mold beetle"
was named after Obama's predecessor (_Agathidium bushi_), the
published etymology was simple and straightforward: "This species is
named in honor of G.W. Bush (Crawford, TX), President of the United
States."*   I think this approach is more appropriate (and respectful)
than some convoluted metaphor about the President's teeth!