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Re: A new 'dinosaur' Obamadon, or otherwise a case in moronic news reporting

> Seriously, I've got nothing against naming new genera or species after
> heads of government.  But the provided etymology for _Obamadon_ is
> just weird.  By contrast, when a new species of "slime-mold beetle"
> was named after Obama's predecessor (_Agathidium bushi_), the
> published etymology was simple and straightforward: "This species is
> named in honor of G.W. Bush (Crawford, TX), President of the United
> States."*   I think this approach is more appropriate (and respectful)
> than some convoluted metaphor about the President's teeth!

Respectful? The authors of *Obamadon* tried to be funny (and as far as I'm 
concerned, they succeeded). The authors of *Agathidium bushi*... didn't dare to 
be funny. I wonder if that's telling. I think, or at least hope, their intent 
in naming a slime-mold-eating beetle was satirical.