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Re: Neoplateosaurus--most preposterous tabloid dinosaur ever?!

As I recall, one of the autapomorphies of Neoplateosaurus was that it had teeth SIX times sharper than Plateosaurus. Can you imagine that! Six times sharper!! It's almost incomprehensible.


On 1/31/2012 11:05 AM, Ben Creisler wrote:
From: Ben Creisler

Google Books has archived the infamous sensationalist tabloid Weekly
World News. Needless to say, there are a wealth of dinosaur “news”
stories. Type in the query "Weekly World News dinosaur" in Google
Books and see what pops up....

The stories range from absurd tales of scientists being eaten by
living dinosaurs to items clearly based on actual scientific work
(such as a story about dinosaurs making calls that sounded like

Of special note are stories that purport to give scientific details
about new dinosaur discoveries. I came across this item from 1994
while doing some research about the name Plateosaurus. It reports the
discovery in the Arctic of remains of a Triassic dinosaur given the
scientific name “Neo-Plateosaurus” (Neoplateosaurus per ICZN rules!).
A Russian scientist named Vladimir Gorykogo is quoted about the find.
The article even gives details about how the Neoplateosaurus differed
from the well known Plateosaurus.

The exact same story was published again about 6 years later as "fresh" news.


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