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Re: Jack Horner married

In case anyone else misconstrues what i said or changes my gender for
me. Please let me clarify what I meant, if it was not clear.

Marc originally asked about a professional breach of ethics professors
getting "to dip in".

Dan replied back with No, which is correct as far as the SVP goes.
Yes, adults can make any choice they want.  I have no problem with
that and I prefer no one to interfere with my own romantic affairs.

My reply was in regards to University policies, where professors work.
 Which may be more like guidelines depending on the University. They
maybe enforced or not.  The current example, Jack who works for the
MoR.  He has to deal with them and their policies on workplace
relationships.  MSU has their own non fraternization policies.  Every
company has their own policies about fraternization and work place
relationships.  Once you sign on to that company, organization,
university or government position you are going to be held to their
policies even if you don't agree with them.

For example:  I am paid by company A, but am subcontracted out to
company B who works on company C's property.  I am under all their
rules,guidelines and policies.  Even if they do not apply directly to
my position.  I "have to follow them" or "find a new job" (which I
want anyways).

I was not intentionally trying to "clobber" Dan. Nor putting the law
on some sort of "pedestal".  There are reasons why the policies are
put in place.  It helps protect the instructor as well in case things
go sour, but that is their own choice.

Other professional occupations have similar ethics and codes about not
having non work relationships with clients.  Do they all follow them,
probably not.  Does everyone in the SVP  follow their ethics
guidelines, no.

Hope this clears a few things up.


Mr. Kelly Wicks

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 7:54 PM, Dora Smith <villandra@austin.rr.com> wrote:
> Dan is discussing morality, and K.W. is discussing laws and rules.    Not
> the same thing at all.   Dan's concern is what SHOULD be.   K.W. is trying
> to clobber him over the head with her selective perception of what IS, and
> comes across as possibly not caring what really is, as long as she suitably
> clobbers Dan, or we all kneel and worship at the pedestal of Law, or
> whatever her concern really is.
> I have mixed feelings about non-fraternalization policies.   Nothing should
> ever be taken to an extreme.   And the circumstances should always be taken
> into account.
> Dora
> On 2/1/2012 8:25 PM, Kelly Wicks wrote:
>> You are wrong on this Dan.  Many universities do have non fraternization
>> policies regarding student teacher interactions.  They can be fired because
>> of this.  Jack himself is not a professor and doesn't work for the Montana
>> University system.  MoR pays his salary or a portion of it.  Jack only
>> teaches one class at MSU every few years. Jack would be under the policies
>> of MoR whatever they maybe, not MSU's.
>> K.W.
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>> You're wrong. They're adults. Is SVP to become a marriage tribunal?
>> Maybe we should follow the Europe of old and hold impotency trials?
>> Sorry Mr. Bauer
>> Dan
>> On 2/1/2012 5:13 PM, Mar Qos Aker wrote:
>>> Isn't there some kind of professional breach of ethics here. Do
>>> professors get to "dip in the pool" to get dates? Isn't that wrong?
>>> Let me know. (I suppose this might be off topic, but they are both in
>>> paleontology)
>>> Sorry Dr Horner.
>>> Marc Bauer
>>> MT USA
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