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RE: Snowmastodons

I wrote:

(Sadly, my on-screen guide describes it this way: Archaeologists
study the life and death of North America's most exotic and extreme
creatures.) B-(

Then Anthony Docimo wrote:

 well yes - native camels and elephants...in a predator-free

I was just gritching about the inadequate description of the program, plus the use of "archaeologists" when "paleontologists" was meant. Honestly, Dish Network's screen guide info is the worst ever.

-- Donna

Also seriously, the documentary proposed liquifaction as a reason why
the mammoths were trapped and unable to escape (thus having so many of
all ages there).....the only time I've heard this suggested for the
Mesozoic, was the "Dino Death Trap" {National Geographic Channel}
where _Guanlong_ and "an unidentified species of carnivore" were
discovered, stacked one on top of another.

Were there other cases of Mesozoic liquifaction, or do the pressures
of it being so distant an epoch help to conflate liquifaction with
other capture methods as seen through the fossil record?