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Dino Jaws...

Hello everyone...thought I would lose my DML 'virginity' by pleading
for some help on my Masters project - I am currently collecting data
for a jaw disparity project looking at herbivorous dinosaurs, and
wondered if anyone has any decent, lateral views of jaws from a few
choice taxa (obviously I have managed to get plenty, but some are
proving elusive due to access issues!!). Skull/mandibular
reconstructions would also be excellent.

If anyone has access to mandibles for these taxa I would be much obliged:

Pachyrhinosaurus (any species),
Mamenchisaurus youngi, M. jingyanensis, M. hochuanensis, M. fuxiensis
(formerly Zingongosaurus)
Omeisaurus maoianus, O. tianfuensis,
Abrosaurus dongpoi,
Minmi paravertebra,
Liaoningosaurus paradoxus,
Gastonia burgei,
Tarchia gigantea (ridiculous that I cannot find good lateral view of
this beastie!)
Sauropelta edwardsi,
Edmontonia rugosidens, E. longiceps (either or both - again, difficult
to find jaw material that is separate from the skull)
Stegoceras (any species)
Anchiceratops ornatus
Agujaceratops mariscalensis
Pentaceratops sternburgi
Othnielia rex / Othnielsaurus consors (uncertain which is
taxonomically valid - any input here would be warmly received)
Orodromeus makelai
Talenkauen santacrucensis

That is all the taxa I have been unable to gain; if anyone has access
to, or knows where to find, images of the lower jaws (preferably
complete, but reconstructed is also good) of the above dinosaurs, I
would be most grateful if you could let me know. Not only will you
appear in the acknowledgements of my 2012 thesis, but you will have my
undying gratitude also!

Many thanks,

Jamie, University of Bristol (UK)