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Re: Huehuecanauhtlus tiquichensis, new Santonian hadrosauroid

> > On that, I presume "hweh-hweh-can-wat-lus" but that's my off-the-cuff
> thought.
> The "tl" in Nahuatl is a lateral fricative that doesn't exist in
> English. My best guess is something like "weh-weh-can-a-ooh-tlus"?

Thus speaketh the Pffft! of All Knowledge:

The two _hu_ are a desperate Spanish workaround to represent an unremarkable 

The _uh_ is an even more desperate attempt to represent another [w]. Or rather, 
_auh_ is a diphthong, English _ou_ as in _house_.

Classical Nahuatl only has eight vowels, the long and short versions of _a e i 
o_, so _u_ never occurs alone. (There is a [kw] which is traditionally rendered 
_cu_ or _uc_.)

_qu_ is of course simply [k] as in Spanish.