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Re: Juratyrant, new Jurassic tyrannosauroid from Britain

> A new specimen from the
> Late Jurassic of England was recently named as a new species (S.
> langhami) of the genus Stokesosaurus, which is known from several
> fragmentary fossils from North America. We review the systematics and
> phylogeny of these European and North American specimens and show that
> there are no unequivocal synapomorphies uniting them. Furthermore, a
> revised phylogenetic analysis does not recover them as sister taxa.
> This necessitates a taxonomic revision of this material, and we name a
> new genus (Juratyrant) for the British specimen.

So people _try_ to break the habit of having monotypic genera for Mesozoic 
dinosaurs, and time and again their attempts are foiled!

I think people should just give up :-)