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Re: Ideas for Short Dinosaur Presentation

I'd sure find a way to show a timeline with the space that dinosaurs occupied clearly delineated, a separate bracket for birds (which would extend into the holocene), and a separate bracketed space for homo sapiens, maybe even all primates in the sapiens line--what's that? Six million years or so?

I've worked in educational publishing for 45 years, and EVERY day (almost) I've seen cartoons, text, & pictures showing that humans and dinosaurs are contemporaries. Ridiculous, but it's embedded in the culture and it keeps people from coming to grips with how old the earth really is. The thing is, of course, because BADs, it's not totally wrong, so we need some graphic way to include but separate birds from the chronology.

Scott Perry
High Mountain Writers' House
Irasburg, VT
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If you were going to put together a brief presentation on dinosaurs for a
general audience

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_How_ brief? 10, 15, 20 minutes? 45 minutes?

45 minutes