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Re: Ideas for Short Dinosaur Presentation

I always enjoy hearing and giving talks about the history of
paleontologists. You can run the gambit from the early myths and
legends all the way to the modern. I find that people who are not
really interested in how dinosaur A relates to dinosaur B like the
idea that Buckland tried to eat his way through the animal kingdom.
Making paleontologists human helps connect everybody else to the
topics. Plus you can sneek in the changes to our understanding about
dinosaur through human history.

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 12:46 PM, Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguyralph@gmail.com> wrote:
> If you were going to put together a brief presentation on dinosaurs for a 
> general audience, what would be the main topics that you would want to cover? 
>  I'm talking about a fun little enrichment talk for high school or college 
> level students, with just a handful of topics.  The idea is to cover the 
> basics of dinosaur science rather than to devote the talk to a particular 
> specialization ("Histology of an unidentifiable ornithischian bone fragment 
> and its implications for reconstructing the Maastrichtian paleoecology of 
> Australia " -- not).
> What topics would you include in a brief talk on the history of life on 
> earth?  (Let's see just how fast this Wayback machine can go -- no time for 
> the boring stuff)!
> ---Ralph