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Re: Picavus litencicensis->Ideas for Short Dinosaur Presentation

I am reminded of Brian Franczak's recounting of Greg Wenzel's History of Life 
professor sweeping aside dinosaurs as irrelevant because they left no 
descendants.  See <http://dml.cmnh.org/1997Oct/msg00669.html>.  Fortunately, 
Greg wasn't dissuaded from pursuing his interests in dinosaurs.  He went on to 
write and illustrate _Feathered Dinosaurs of China_.

People have probably always been fascinated by birds.  For some of us (you know 
who you are) birds are all the more fascinating for their distinctive pedigree, 
and by extension for how these living creatures may inform our understanding of 
the anatomy, physiology and behavior of their extinct kin.  

--Ralph Miller III