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RE: Alligator (Archosauria) "air sacs"

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> I agree with much of your presentation for why this wasn't 
> figured out a century ago, but I disagree that the reason 
> behind it was because crocs were lumped in as reptiles. It 
> was because of that old Victorian view (that in many ways 
> still holds today) that reptiles are all the same and all 
> simplistic, primitive animals. It took this long to figure 
> out how croc lungs worked not because crocs were thought to 
> have simple reptile lungs, but because the concept of the 
> simple reptile still exists.

Very similar to the old idea that reptiles do not have parental care (until 
people went out in the field and observed crocodilians),
or that reptiles do not show play behavior. Or (and this is still in some 
textbooks) that reptiles only have three-chambered hearts.

Typology continues to reign in many peoples' minds.

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