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Re: New Spanish doctor in dinosaurs

Well, then, congrats to Dr. Cruzado-Caballero! Muy bueno!

>>> Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca 02/20/12 5:25 PM >>> 
Penelope CRUZADO-CABALLERO defended her Doctoral Thesis in the 
University of Zaragoza (Saragossa University) on last Saturday, 18 

The thesis was directed by your humble servant, J. Ignacio 
RUIZ-OMENACA, and by J. Ignacio CANUDO (University of Zaragoza). 

The Doctoral Thesis Committee was formed by: 

- Dr. Gloria CUENCA-BESCOS (University of Zaragoza), 
- Dr. Bernat VILA (University of Zaragoza), 
- Dr. Xabier PEREDA-SUBERBIOLA (University of the Basque Country), 
- Dr. Angel GALOBART (Catalan Institute of Paleontology) and 
- Dr. Julio COMPANY (Technological University of Valencia), 

and they awarded a magna cum laude to the PhD candidate. 

Congratulations to Miss Cruzado-Caballero!! 

For the bibliophiles, the reference is: 

Penelope CRUZADO-CABALLERO. 2012. Restos directos de dinosaurios 
hadrosauridos (Ornithopoda, Hadrosauridae) del Maastrichtiense 
superior (Cretácico Superior de Aren (Huesca). Tesis Doctoral, 
Departamento de Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad de Zaragoza, 410 

[translation: Skeletal remains of hadrosaurid dinosaurs (Ornithopoda, 
Hadrosauridae) from the Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) of Aren 
(Huesca). Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Earth Sciences, 
University of Zaragoza]. 

Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omenaca 
Museo del Jurasico de Asturias (MUJA) 
E-33328 Colunga, Spain