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Vitakridrinda publication validity

In trying to track down the first valid use of Malkani's rock/abelisaurid 
Vitakridrinda, I noticed both Malkani (2006) and the Paleobiology Database cite 
the following reference-

Malkani, 2004a. Saurischian Dinosaurs from Late Cretaceous of Pakistan. In 
Hussain and Akbar (eds.). Fifth Pakistan Geological Congress, 14-15 April, 
Islamabad, National Geological Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Museum of Natural 
History (Pakistan Science Foundation), Islamabad. 71-73.

Now I don't have this paper (please send if you do!), but I'm wondering if as a 
three page paper issued for a congress, it runs afoul of ICZN Article 9.9-

"abstracts of articles, papers, posters, texts of lectures, and similar 
material when issued primarily to participants at meetings, symposia, 
colloquia or congresses."

If so, the next available publication may be-

Malkani, 2005. Saurischian dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous Pab Formation of 
Pakistan. Geological Survey of Pakistan, Information Release. 823, 1-117.

Except I don't have that either, and the oh-so-anonymous .docstoc bibliography 
of Malkani's papers 
 lists it as unpublished.  As far as I know, only Malkani himself has 
referenced it, but that's standard for his papers.  Can anyone confirm?

Finally, if neither of those counts, I can at least say for sure that Malkani 
(2006) validly names the taxon.  ICZN Article 16.1 almost dooms it, since 
Malkani generally indicates it to be named two years earlier and thus not a new 
taxon, yet on page 138 in the Conclusions he confusingly says "One genus and 
species of Abelisaurids Theropod dinosaur Vitakridrinda sulaimani is erected."

Malkani, 2006. Biodiversity of saurischian dinosaurs from the Latest Cretaceous 
park of Pakistan. Journal of Applied and Emerging Sciences. 1(3), 108-140. 


Mickey Mortimer