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RE: Vitakridrinda publication validity

Has the hypothesis of it being a non-fossil rock made it into the literature 

> Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 18:37:53 -0800
> From: mickey_mortimer111@msn.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Vitakridrinda publication validity
> In trying to track down the first valid use of Malkani's rock/abelisaurid 
> Vitakridrinda, I noticed both Malkani (2006) and the Paleobiology Database 
> cite the following reference-
> Malkani, 2004a. Saurischian Dinosaurs from Late Cretaceous of Pakistan. In 
> Hussain and Akbar (eds.). Fifth Pakistan Geological Congress, 14-15 April, 
> Islamabad, National Geological Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Museum of 
> Natural History (Pakistan Science Foundation), Islamabad. 71-73.
> Now I don't have this paper (please send if you do!), but I'm wondering if as 
> a three page paper issued for a congress, it runs afoul of ICZN Article 9.9-
> "abstracts of articles, papers, posters, texts of lectures, and similar
> material when issued primarily to participants at meetings, symposia,
> colloquia or congresses."
> If so, the next available publication may be-
> Malkani, 2005. Saurischian dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous Pab Formation 
> of Pakistan. Geological Survey of Pakistan, Information Release. 823, 1-117.
> Except I don't have that either, and the oh-so-anonymous .docstoc 
> bibliography of Malkani's papers 
> (http://www.docstoc.com/docs/15668843/From-first-ever-fossil-found-from-Pakistan-during-early-2000-to-so)
>  lists it as unpublished.  As far as I know, only Malkani himself has 
> referenced it, but that's standard for his papers.  Can anyone confirm?
> Finally, if neither of those counts, I can at least say for sure that Malkani 
> (2006) validly names the taxon.  ICZN Article 16.1 almost dooms it, since 
> Malkani generally indicates it to be named two years earlier and thus not a 
> new taxon, yet on page 138 in the Conclusions he confusingly says "One genus 
> and species of Abelisaurids Theropod dinosaur Vitakridrinda sulaimani is 
> erected."
> Malkani, 2006. Biodiversity of saurischian dinosaurs from the Latest 
> Cretaceous park of Pakistan. Journal of Applied and Emerging Sciences. 1(3), 
> 108-140.
> Thoughts?
> Mickey Mortimer