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Re: Vitakridrinda publication validity

Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

> Malkani, 2004a. Saurischian Dinosaurs from Late Cretaceous of Pakistan. In 
> Hussain and Akbar (eds.). Fifth Pakistan Geological Congress,
> 14-15 April, Islamabad, National Geological Society of Pakistan, Pakistan 
> Museum of Natural History (Pakistan Science Foundation),
> Islamabad. 71-73.
> Now I don't have this paper (please send if you do!), but I'm wondering if as 
> a three page paper issued for a congress, it runs afoul of ICZN
> Article 9.9-
> "abstracts of articles, papers, posters, texts of lectures, and similar
> material when issued primarily to participants at meetings, symposia,
> colloquia or congresses."

_Gigantspinosaurus_ also runs afoul of Article 9.9.  Nevertheless, it
is treated as a valid name, with Ouyang (1992) getting the credit.


The ICZN had nothing to do with the determination of whether
_Gigantspinosaurus_ is a valid name or not.  Its validity is a
consequence of whether people in the field treat it as valid or not -
and they do.  Thus, the validity is more _de facto_ than _de jure_.
In other words, a community standard applies.