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Re: "The Jeholopterus" - vampire?

Had full-on SOWOTI syndrome with this one. I've submitted a comment
picking them up for the same matters Jason noted. It's not been posted
yet, but is in the io9 system awaiting approval.

Pretty poor piece of science journalism all round, it must be said (and
hardly topical!). Thank God for the Brian Switek's of this world who
prove that frequent, popular palaeo science writing can be done well. 



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>>> Jason Brougham <jaseb@amnh.org> 2/24/2012 7:30 PM >>>
The vampire pterosaur meme is continuing to bounce around the internet.
Again the issue is being misunderstood as a competition between the
scientific establishment and a rebel, as opposed to a matter of
methodology, peer review, and the balance of evidence: