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Re: Gryphoceratops published? (was RE: Vitakridrinda publication validity)

On Sat, February 25, 2012 12:32 am, Brad McFeeters wrote:
> According to one of the authors, the version with "Gryphognathus" wasn't
> intended to be the final draft, despite being leaked by the journal.  
> And is the print version of the "June" issue of Cretaceous Research
> seriously out already?!  It's still February! 
> If the June 2012 issue containing *Gryphoceratops* is has indeed been
> printed in February 2012, but someone later publishes a synonym of it in a
> journal dated May 2012, how would anyone prove the priority of
> *Gryphoceratops*?  Has a taxon ever been unfairly sunk because the journal
> was dated incorrectly?

For purposes of dating, there is almost always a published date (day,
month, year) on a page with other copyright and publishing information on
the printed journal. It is that date--not anything on the cover as
such--which holds for determining the date of publication.

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