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Re: Vitakridrinda publication validity

Justin Tweet <thescelosaurus@gmail.com> wrote:

> How long has Article 9.9 been in effect? The accepted citation for the
> naming of Parksosaurus, Sternberg 1937, is the 1930s version of a GSA
> abstract. Of course, the holotype had already been described by Parks
> (as Thescelosaurus warreni). Not quite as odd as Lull stumping for
> Procheneosaurus (named in a caption), but still...

_Coloradisaurus_ (a replacement name for the preoccupied _Coloradia_)
was named by David Lambert in a popular dinosaur book (_The Collins
Guide to Dinosaurs_ in the UK = _The Field Guide to Dinosaurs_ in the
US.)  Lambert gets the attribution, even though the name
_Coloradisaurus_ was not formally erected in the book.  (According to
his own words, Lambert was under the impression that José Bonaparte
had already published the name _Coloradisaurus_.)

The fact is that the ICZN rules are not always followed.  But unless
someone actually makes a point of contesting a name, then it doesn't
become an issue.