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RE: Vitakridrinda publication validity

> > Very good, thank you -- but not only is there no genus, there's no
> > species either.
> Preadaptation for the day when the Linnean(sp) system is no longer used?

That's the intent, yes.

> > There's just "new taxon", and "*Ambondro*" does not seem to be intended
> as a clade name. There's just the taxon name *Ambondro mahabo* which
> happens to have a space in the middle. Imagine it as the single word
> "Ambondro%20mahabo".
>  We don't imagine _Mei long_ as a single word.   why is _Ambondro_ any
> less valid than _Mei_?

Because *Mei long* was erected as "new genus and species"*, fulfilling... oh, 

Article 16 
http://www.nhm.ac.uk/hosted-sites/iczn/code/includes/page.jsp?article=16 only 
applies to names published _after_ 1999. *Ambondro mahabo* was published _in_ 
1999. And actually, the requirement that the rank be mentioned isn't explicit, 
only implicit -- I commonly complain that the ICZN is badly written...

* Correct me if I'm wrong.