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Why Appalachia of 100 mya is of special interest

Why 100 mya is of interest to me, a sampling:

1) Indications of a short term glaciation event during the latest Albian-early Cenomanian "Muddy-Mowry/early Greenhorn transgression cycles in which sea levels dropped some 15 meters.
2) Increased volcanism as shown by the Clay Spur Bentonites
3) Inceased dispersion and diversity of angiosperms, possibly associated with dinosaur seed dispersion alone migration routes along the margins of the Western Interior Seaway. 4) Relic dinosaur species in Appalachia of early titanosauriforms, tyrannosaurs, nodosaurs, early coelurosaurs, and iguanodont/proto-hadrosaurs.
5) AOE1d [Anoxic Ocean Event 1 "Dakota"]
6) Increasing greenhouse megawarming conditions

Other thoughts welcomed

John Schneiderman