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Re: Dan Varner passed away yesterday

  Wow, this really hit me hard.  

  I'm a little tongue tied and should probably process this before I post 
anything.  I suppose that if I were to say anything about Dan right now is that 
I'll miss him.  He always believed in me.  In the last 14-15 years I met him 
once, but have had many talks with him.  He recently sent me a gorgeous book on 
Australian Rainforests out of the blue.  In the back of my head I knew what he 
was saying.  
  Doing what I do- and often being the enemy-  caused backlash on various 
internet forums on a few ocassions.  Dan was ALWAYS the first to email me and 
tell me not to take the criticism to heart.  He would tell me that I should 
believe in myself and my talents and don't second guess.  He would send me 
images and books ( and lots of stop motion animated goodness)  that had 
inspired him as an artist, and in turn allowed me to get inside his head and 
close the distance between our homes.   As I said, I only met him once, but 
that broad smile and genuine enthusiasm will always stick with me.   

  Goodbye Dan.  

On Jan 2, 2012, at 12:30 PM, quailspg@frii.com wrote:

> Thanks to Mary and Jane for posting the news to the paleo lists. I thought 
> for sure Dan had a little more time. I guess we *all* assume we've got a 
> little more time. Let's make the best of what we've got.
> -- Donna Braginetz