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Re: Retroposon evidence for an explosive radiation of Neoaves

> I'd appreciate the paper as well.

Me too.

Thanks in advance, 



Core "higher land birds", my present best guess:
Passeriformes, Falconidae, Accipitridae, Psittaciformes, Strigiformes, 
Bucerotiformes/Upupiformes, Coliiformes, Piciformes (+ "Galbuliformes"), 
Probably Leptosomatidae
Possibly Cathartidae, Cariamidae, Mesitornithidae, Eurypygidae, Rhynochetidae, 

Not included: Strisores, cuculid nexus (+ Opisthocomus), Columbiformes. (and 
Aequornithes, Galloanseres etc).

LBA is huge problem with _Leptosomus_. Rogue taxa vary, but are "the usual 
suspects" typically. Psittaciformes may have skewed CG ratio (AT enriched), 
Upupidae (sl, incl woodhoopoes) often do (CG enriched) and are prone to LBA.

Need to check how close charadriids are to the former.

Aldolase b has apparently no of very few "higher landbird s.l." taxa. It favors 
an "eufalconimorphoid" clade, but it is flimsy and embedded into a basal 
almost-polytomy and may be LBA'd by sunbittern/kagu/mesite. Other parts of the 
aldolase b tree tend not to look particularly "good" (the 
coraciiform/piciorm/hoopo/hornbill group tends to resolve better than the rest; 
not in that locus).