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Re: Microraptor claws, anyone?

From: Ben Creisler
 OK....I truly hestitate to suggest this paper given the authors and 
identification of the digits as III and IV, but the following paper has a 
somewhat blurry UV photo of  manual claws on digits II and III of  Microraptor 
(specimen not identified) with the sheaths visible. Not ideal by a long shot, 
but a start....
David A. Burnham, Alan Feduccia, Larry D. Martin & Amanda R. Falk (2011)
Tree climbing – a fundamental avian adaptation.
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 9(1): 103-107
>From Greg Paul:
Am looking for high resolution photo images of Microraptor claws that 
include the complete keration sheath intact to the very tip (bony cores alone 
useless). Specifically toe claws 3 and 4 (don't need 2), and finger claw 2 
(assuming as all good and decent Americans do that the thumb is 1). Could 
use images of the type feet. Already have LPM 0159 & LPM 0200. And the 2002 
AMNH Novitates paper which is useless in this regard.