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TV show on new French dinosaur locality

You will be thrilled (at least, I hope so) to know that the next episode of the 
popular French scientific *C'est pas sorcier* will be dedicated to 
Angeac-Charente, a new Hauterivian-Barremian dinosaur locality of the French 
Atlantic Coast. New dinosaur remains includes ornithomimosaur, ornithopod, and 
sauropod remains - of which a 2.40 m long femur (!?).

Watch *C'est pas sorcier* ("Ain't no rocket science") next saturday (8:10 pm, 
Paris time) !

More information here (for French speaking people): 

And here (for others - seems that G-translate needs improvements...): 

Check also the abstract of Ronan Allain et al. from the last SVP Meeting.




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