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Re: Retroposon evidence for an explosive radiation of Neoaves

> They've got Paleognaths grouping
> together, then chicken-ducks (not
> that this is controversial, I just like saying
> chicken-ducks).
> And then like said a very comby Neoaves. They show the
> Turaco and
> Cuckoo as sisters as are Swifts and Hummingbirds. They find
> that New
> World Vultures are definitely not closely related to
> storks. Owls and
> Falcons show as very close, but not in a sister group
> relationship, I
> think that there used to be a lot of people that argued for
> this.

All this agrees with the sequence data I've analyzed so far. Not 100% sure 
about NWV though, they are a bit more "shifty" than I'd like. May be rooting 
problems, you need 3 taxa per major lineage to test for misrooting.