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RE: Feduccia (mis)quotes me and mentions the DML in his new book

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> Not terribly scientific, but some of Olson's comments are 
> pretty funny.
> I too experience a gag reflex whenever i hear birds referred 
> to as dinosaurs, even if birds really are descended from 
> dromaeosaurs (or whatever), which appears to be the case. 
> "Ooh, look at all the little dinosaurs out in the birdbath." 

But seriously, when do you ever hear that?

Except when discussing the origins of birds or matter related to that, people 
don't talk that way.

It is probably about as common as saying:

[when looking at kittens]: "What cute synapsids!"

[when being chased by hornets]: "Gah! Ecdysozoans! Go away!!"

[when sneezing because of pollen]: "Damn viridiphytes!"

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