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Re: Retroposon evidence for an explosive radiation of Neoaves

Am 05.01.2012 13:15, schrieb evelyn sobielski:

 And as regards retroposons, considering the amount of homoplasy in
 the "Pegasoferae" case was high (at least 35% IIRC),

...what? That paper found one single retroposon that required a different topology than all the others. It's the one they used as evidence (rightly, IMHO) for incomplete lineage sorting between Artiodactyla and Pegasoferae.

 we NEED to analyze flanking sequences

Without those, it's difficult to recognize a retroposon as such, isn't it?

 and we NEED URGENTLY an intraspecific full-genome study (chicken,
 possibly mallard/domestic duck) to get a fix on how mobile mobile
 elements are exactly.

By definition, retroposons can jump in but can't jump out. There is no transposase that can cut them out of a genome.