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RE: Where would you hunt?

Hopefully you're not asking for info for the black market. You could
find valuable scientific artifacts anywhere ..including well worked over
sites. The value is not always in the actual specimens recovered. A new
interpretation of a specific palaeo invironment/ scraps of a well known
dino that would contribute to an interpretation of its ontogeny.
This is not the 1950's. You need to be thoroughly versed in many sciences
and be out there with a team of specialists.
Get the $million first. Tom Holtz will take care of the rest.       dale 

> Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 13:21:45 -0600
> From: adbinc@arn.net
> To: DINOSAUR@usc.edu
> Subject: Where would you hunt?
> I will start by saying I did not win the lottery, but promise that if 
> I do, I'll donate money to find dinos. But to move on.
> A guy walks into your office. He's a dino fan, not a scientist, and 
> won the lottery. He offers you a million dollars to fund expeditions 
> to "go somewhere and dig up something and add to our knowledge of 
> dinosaur evolution." (He wants to go along just for fun and name a 
> junior synonym after himself.)
> He mentions that he had actually brought two million dollars but that 
> some guy named Tom Holtz had talked him into giving half of it to 
> train new dino prep technicians. Shucks, a million is still a million.
> Anyway, I know nothing of mounting such expeditions, but assume that 
> a million would do multiple trips, starting with a very small party 
> to survey the area and establish connections with equipment rental 
> places, local law enforcement, supplies, maps, and whatever.
> The questions is, where in the whole world would you want to go in 
> order to dig up something that would ADD TO current dino-paleo 
> knowledge? Not saying you cannot go to the old places (Argentina, 
> Chad, Egypt, Mongolia, Madagascar) but perhaps there is some untested 
> ground with explosed Mesozoic formations that deserves a look if only 
> there was money?