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RE: Where would you hunt?

> Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 13:21:45 -0600
> A guy walks into your office. He's a dino fan, not a scientist, and 
> won the lottery. He offers you a million dollars to fund expeditions 
> to "go somewhere and dig up something and add to our knowledge of 
> dinosaur evolution." (He wants to go along just for fun and name a 
> junior synonym after himself.)
> He mentions that he had actually brought two million dollars but that 
> some guy named Tom Holtz had talked him into giving half of it to 
> train new dino prep technicians. 
 Well, you do need them on a dig.
(as far as I know)
> The questions is, where in the whole world would you want to go in 
> order to dig up something that would ADD TO current dino-paleo 
> knowledge? Not saying you cannot go to the old places (Argentina, 
> Chad, Egypt, Mongolia, Madagascar) but perhaps there is some untested 
> ground with explosed Mesozoic formations that deserves a look if only 
> there was money?
 would North Korea be feasible?   (part of the bribe might be naming a junior 
synonym after the late Kim)