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Re: Where would you hunt?

I'll tell you as soon as i have the million $ in hand. :)

--- On Sat, 1/7/12, Stephen V. Cole <adbinc@arn.net> wrote:

> From: Stephen V. Cole <adbinc@arn.net>
> Subject: Where would you hunt?
> To: DINOSAUR@usc.edu
> Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012, 1:21 PM
> I will start by saying I did not win
> the lottery, but promise that if I do, I'll donate money to
> find dinos. But to move on.
> A guy walks into your office. He's a dino fan, not a
> scientist, and won the lottery. He offers you a million
> dollars to fund expeditions to "go somewhere and dig up
> something and add to our knowledge of dinosaur evolution."
> (He wants to go along just for fun and name a junior synonym
> after himself.)
> He mentions that he had actually brought two million
> dollars but that some guy named Tom Holtz had talked him
> into giving half of it to train new dino prep technicians.
> Shucks, a million is still a million.
> Anyway, I know nothing of mounting such expeditions, but
> assume that a million would do multiple trips, starting with
> a very small party to survey the area and establish
> connections with equipment rental places, local law
> enforcement, supplies, maps, and whatever.
> The questions is, where in the whole world would you want
> to go in order to dig up something that would ADD TO current
> dino-paleo knowledge? Not saying you cannot go to the old
> places (Argentina, Chad, Egypt, Mongolia, Madagascar) but
> perhaps there is some untested ground with explosed Mesozoic
> formations that deserves a look if only there was money?