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Re: Where would you hunt?

On Sat, January 7, 2012 2:21 pm, Stephen V. Cole wrote:
> He mentions that he had actually brought two million dollars but that
> some guy named Tom Holtz had talked him into giving half of it to
> train new dino prep technicians. Shucks, a million is still a million.

Hey, they didn't actually earmark that money... It's going into the "Holtz
travels to every museum collection in the world" fund... :-)

> The questions is, where in the whole world would you want to go in
> order to dig up something that would ADD TO current dino-paleo
> knowledge? Not saying you cannot go to the old places (Argentina,
> Chad, Egypt, Mongolia, Madagascar) but perhaps there is some untested
> ground with explosed Mesozoic formations that deserves a look if only
> there was money?

Late K continental Africa. (Okay, some of this is already underway).

Lacustrine/lagoonal deposits ANYWHERE, but most especially if they are
Triassic or Jurassic: we need to know a lot more about the little guys of
these times!

Big parts of Middle Asia (the -stans) are worth exploring.

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