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Re: Where would you hunt dinos?

A few comments

1. I did not mean to exclude hunting in the US or Canada. I was just trying to think of places I had heard of. I'd have thought that it was obvious that the list was not exclusive, but just examples. I would say that the leader right now is that Holtz fellow who wanted to go hunt triassic formations. Figuring out where dinos came from would seem to be more important than figuring out where they went.

2. I certainly never implied buying black market fossils. We all know why that's a bad idea.

3. Financing jobs for preparators: Sure, that too, if Tom Holtz thinks it worthy, since I (figuratively) gave that million to him to use as he thinks best. But such a job costs what, $40K a year, meaning you'd be able to finance 50 such people for one year, or ten for five years? Would that really make a difference? Given the million, could the Holtz Fund seeking matching contributions to double the bang for the buck?

4. I am kinda curious just what, in round numbers, it would take to send a dozen paleos to Shangri-la for a month? How many expeditions does my figurative million actually produce?