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RE: Where would you hunt dinos?

> Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 11:28:39 -0600
> From: adbinc@arn.net
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: Where would you hunt dinos?
> A few comments
> 1. I did not mean to exclude hunting in the US or Canada. I was just 
> trying to think of places I had heard of.
 But aren't all the places that most people have heard of, the ones which have 
been dug at more?  (and thus not on the list of "under-explored sites" you 
seemed to have hinted at in your original post)
> I'd have thought that it 
> was obvious that the list was not exclusive, but just examples. I 
> would say that the leader right now is that Holtz fellow who wanted 
> to go hunt triassic formations. Figuring out where dinos came from 
> would seem to be more important than figuring out where they went.

I know where they went: on my car.  takes forever to wash the mess off.

> 2. I certainly never implied buying black market fossils. We all know 
> why that's a bad idea.
> 3. Financing jobs for preparators: Sure, that too, if Tom Holtz 
> thinks it worthy, since I (figuratively) gave that million to him
> to 
> use as he thinks best. But such a job costs what, $40K a year, 
> meaning you'd be able to finance 50 such people for one year, or ten 
> for five years? Would that really make a difference? Given the 
> million, could the Holtz Fund seeking matching contributions to 
> double the bang for the buck?
My *guess* is that it would depend on who you approach, and what you're 
> 4. I am kinda curious just what, in round numbers, it would take to 
> send a dozen paleos to Shangri-la for a month?
 Which Shangri-la?
> How many expeditions 
> does my figurative million actually produce?