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Update of Dinosaur Material From Nebraska

YPM VP 057175 (cast) Original catalog number UNSM 93085 [University of Nebraska State Museum]

Taxon Name..........Theropoda indet
Locality.................Nebraska. Gage. Beatrice, Holmesville.
Stratigraphy..........Cretaceous, Dakota Sandstone
Higher Ranks.........Chordata; Vertebrata; Amniota; Reptilia; Diapsida; Archosauria; Saurischia; Theropoda indet.
Other Attributes......cast; undetermined

note: this may be the tooth as listed #3 in listing below

To date: Nebraska has produced some dinosaur material

1) UNSM 1200 (6-8-28) distal end of left femur of an iguanodontid or early hadrosaur from Burt County, near Decatur.

reference: Barbour, E. H. 1931. Evidence of dinosaurs in Nebraska. Bulletin of University of Nebraska State Museum, 1:187–190.

2) UNSM (6-9-32) partial sacrum from a ?hadrosaur from near ?[Peru, Nemaha County]

possibly non-dinosaurian

3) a partial tooth from an ?Albertosaurus from gravel originating from a quarry in Gage County, near Holmesville

Schneiderman pers. comm. to Ford and Chure, 2001

4) another partial tooth ?tyrannosaur [Dawes or Sioux County, northwestern Nebraska]

reference: USNM pers.comm. 1988

5)  bone fragments considered dinosaurian [Burt County near Decatur]

reference: Barbour, E. H. pers. comm.

6) Dinosaur tracks [At least 22 tridactyl ornithopod dinosaur tracks, Caririchnium-like, poorly preserved in various degrees of expression] early Cretaceous, upper Albian, middle Dakota Formation, southern Jefferson County, Nebraska

reference: R. M. Joeckel; et.al.2004. "Late Albian Dinosaur Tracks from the Cratonic (Eastern) Margin of the Western Interior Seaway, Nebraska, USA" Ichnos, 11:275–284.