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Re: Call for quick action: Elsevier trying to restrict open access to US-government-funded research!

I just wrote:

 It is very important that not only US residents should write to the
 OSTP. First of all, science simply isn't localized (except maybe to
 "outside North Korea"); second, Elsevier officially sits in the
 Netherlands, not the US, so the Research Works Act cannot be spun as
 "protecting American business"; third, the RWA would make the US look
 ridiculously evil, and only responses from all over the world can
 make this clear.

The reasons go on. The OSTP's "request for information" is "[i]n accordance with Section 103(b)(6) of the America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010". Well? Science is not a zero-sum game. _Everyone_ has an interest in answering the question of "What type of access to these publications is required to maximize U.S. economic growth and improve the productivity of the American scientific enterprise?" -- the more research is done in the world, the better!

The OSTP seems to know this; "this Request for Information (RFI) offers the opportunity for interested individuals and organizations to provide recommendations on approaches for ensuring long-term stewardship and broad public access to the peer-reviewed scholarly publications that result from federally funded scientific research" -- there is no restriction to US residents or taxpayers.