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RE: Update of Dinosaur Material From Nebraska

It took some looking but I found the newspaper articles which confirmed the Yale cast as the tooth found in Nebraska.

So the updated listing is:

1) UNSM 1200 (6-8-28) distal end of left femur of an iguanodontid or early hadrosaur from Burt County, near Decatur.

reference: Barbour, E. H. 1931. Evidence of dinosaurs in Nebraska. Bulletin of University of Nebraska State Museum, 1:187–190. Galton, P. M. and Jensen, J. A. 1978. Remains of ornithopod dinosaurs from the Lower Cretaceous of North America. Brigham Young University Geology Studies, 25:1–10.

2) UNSM (6-9-32) partial sacrum from a ?hadrosaur from near ?[Peru, Nemaha County]

possibly non-dinosaurian

3) UNSM 93085 a partial tooth from an albertosaur [Theropoda indet.] from gravel originating from a quarry in Gage County, near Holmesville. Stratigraphic setting: Cretaceous, Dakota Sandstone
     cast made for Yale catalog # YPM VP 057175

reference: "Lewiston boy donates dinosaur tooth piece to NU Museum" The Lincoln Star Tuesday Novv 13, 1984 pg.6 "Lewiston boy turns tooth in to museum" The Lincoln Star Monday Nov 19, 1984 pgs.1,5
                 Schneiderman pers. comm. to Ford and Chure, 2001

4) another partial tooth ?tyrannosaur [Dawes or Sioux County, northwestern Nebraska]

reference: USNM pers.comm. 1988

5)  bone fragments considered dinosaurian [Burt County near Decatur]

reference: Barbour, E. H. pers. comm. to UNSM

6) Dinosaur tracks [At least 22 tridactyl ornithopod dinosaur tracks, Caririchnium-like, poorly preserved in various degrees of expression] early Cretaceous, upper Albian, middle Dakota Formation, southern Jefferson County, Nebraska

reference: R. M. Joeckel; et.al.2004. "Late Albian Dinosaur Tracks from the Cratonic (Eastern) Margin of the Western Interior Seaway, Nebraska, USA" Ichnos, 11:275–284.

UNSM = University of Nebraska State Museum