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Crouching theropod impression from Hebei, China

From: Ben Creisler

Many thanks to Xing Lida for bringing this new paper to my attention:

Lida Xing, Gerard D. Gierliński, Jerald D. Harris, Julien D.Divay (2012)
A Probable Crouching Theropod Dinosaur Trace from the
Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary in Hebei, China.
Geological Bulletin of China 31(1): 20-25
pdf can be dowloaded at:  http://www.xinglida.net/paper_list.htm

A probable theropod dinosaur crouching trace and associated tracks
from the Tuchengzi (Houcheng) Formation of Siliang Mountain, Chicheng
County, Hebei Province, China are the largest theropod tracks
currently known from the formation. Although the crouching trace lacks
manus and tail marks, the traces are interpreted as made by a
crouching theropod because they include a left metatarsal impression
and associated ischial, and possibly pubic, callosity traces. This
represents the third known example of an asymmetric crouching position
adopted by a theropod.