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Re: Stubby-Limbed _Spinosaurus_?

Hey Jerry (and list),

Funny, I was just looking this over the past week. None of that data
is published yet. The sculpture and online illustrations are lovely,
but since it's based on unpublished data it's hard to interpret with
any certainty.

FWIW, the legs aren't really "incredibly stubby" in my opinion...in
fact they're at most 5% shorter than the ones I guestimated for my
recent skeletal:

My version was based on allometric scaling from other specimens (read:
guessing). Their reconstruction does make the torso appear longer, but
without published data I can't tell if that's due to differences in
vertebral anatomy, or simply the placement of the pectoral girdle
(varying placements of the anterior ribs and the scapulae can "add" an
extra 1.5-2 vertebrae to the length of the trunk). The shape of the
sail is very cool (and I dare say I hope it's correct), but again,
without more data there's no way of know how good of material it's
based on. I can say that examining Stromer's photos it looks like only
two of the neural spines in his specimen were actually complete, yet
many people have tried to reconstruct the shape of the sail based on
assuming they were essentially complete.

So hopefully there are mounds of cool data that are forthcoming, but
until then...?

I should add that some fantastic paleo-art is associated with the project.



On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 10:31 PM, Harris, Jerald <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
> This came across, of all places, via an origami forum in which I occasionally 
> participate. It's from early last year, and I don't recall seeing anything 
> about it since then--did I miss something? Or does anyone know if this is 
> true but still unpublished?
> http://carnivoraforum.com/single/?p=8223732&t=9330670
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