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Hind limb proportions in big theropods (was RE: Stubby-Limbed _Spinosaurus_?)

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> FWIW, the legs aren't really "incredibly stubby" in my 
> opinion...in fact they're at most 5% shorter than the ones I 
> guestimated for my recent skeletal:
> http://skeletaldrawing.blogspot.com/2012/01/revisiting-fisher-
> king.html

This relates to a problem I have encountered with a lot of the CG models on 
documentaries. That is the attempt to give other big
theropods tyrannosaurid-limb proportions (or even beyond-tyrannosaurid limb 
proportions). With the exception of Gigantoraptor (and
presumably Deinocheirus, if and when the legs are ever found), no large bodied 
theropods known had legs with distal limb elements as
long and slender as tyrannosaurids. Short and stocky represents the main 
allometric pattern. But CG spinosaurids and allosauroids
are given legs at least as long and slender, if not more so, than 

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