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Re: Crocodilians by the millions! Special issue of Zoological Journal!

 RIFF, D. and KELLNER, A. W. A. (2011) Baurusuchid crocodyliforms as
 theropod mimics: clues from the skull and appendicular morphology of
 Stratiotosuchus maxhechti (Upper Cretaceous of Brazil). Zoological
 Journal of the Linnean Society, 163: S37-S56. doi:


 [...] S. maxhechti presents features that mimic some present in
 theropods, including a 'fossa brevis' on the ilium and tubercles on
 the ischium and femur similar to the obturator process and accessory

Heh. The "_brevis_ fossa" isn't itself short, it's the attachment fossa for the _Musculus caudifemoralis brevis_. :-)