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Fwd: Re: 3D dinosaur footprint casts in Costalomo (Lower Cretaceous, Cameros Basin, Spain).

Rescued from truncation:

Jim Farlow and I saw these when in Spain a year and a half ago. We are stil=
l having problems getting our jaws back in place, way cool stuff. Also grea=
t were the conference hours of 9:30-7:30, the lunchs from 2-4, the dinners =
from 10PM-1AM (especially the last one at a meat smoking home, the dinner w=
as all meats and bread baked locally), and the view of the moon rising over=
  the sunset lit Late Cretaceous limestone cliffs (the same ones in the East=
wood movies shot in the area, caves at the base inhabited by neanderthals) =
from a ruined church across the valley, overlooking a ruined cathedral in t=
he conifer filled river valley below.=20