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Summer Paleontology at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona (USA) is
looking for paleontology/geology summer interns to help with ongoing
excavations and an ongoing inventory of paleontological sites in the

This is a fieldwork based position in which participants will be part
of a team effort to excavate fossils in established quarries as well
as survey for paleontological sites in a newly acquired expansion of
the park.  Interns will record data relevant to each site including
GPS coordinates and photographs as well as geological and
stratigraphic data.  In addition, participants will help prepare
fossil specimens in the park preparation facility.  This is an
excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in basic
geological mapping, field exploration, excavation and other collection
techniques, fossil preparation, and to become familiar with the role
of the National Park Service in resource protection.  The exposures in
the park are Late Triassic in age and contain early dinosaurs,
labyrinthodont amphibians, and many crocodile-line archosaurs and well
as numerous plants and freshwater invertebrates.

This position is based out of Petrified Forest National Park, which is
24 miles east of Holbrook, Arizona on Interstate 40.  Park housing is
available and free of charge for all interns. Housing for this
position is a three bedroom house.  Kitchen, bath, dining and living
rooms are shared.  Bedroom may be shared.  Houses are located at the
park headquarters.  Although not required, applicants are advised that
a personal vehicle will greatly help accessing services such as
groceries, doctors, and other amenities.

This position is for 10-12 weeks starting the middle of May 2012 and
continuing through August.

Work is primarily performed outdoors, often under adverse weather
conditions including extreme heat and daily thunderstorms.
Participants may be required to hike long distances in rough terrain
in a hot, dry climate sometimes carrying heavy loads up to 60 pounds.
Work requires long periods of bending, stooping, walking, climbing and
working in cramped positions.  Work is often performed in backcountry
or wilderness areas of the park.

Applicants should have a background in paleontology or geology, a
basic knowledge of fossil resources and their preservation, and have a
working knowledge of computers.  Familiarity with the paleontology,
especially the paleobotany, of the Late Triassic is helpful but not
necessary.  Basic knowledge of GPS and GIS is also helpful but not

To apply send a current resume and the names and phone numbers of two
references to:   Bill Parker, Division of Resource Management,
Petrified Forest National Park, PO Box 2217, Petrified Forest, AZ

For more information regarding this position please contact Bill
Parker at Petrified Forest National Park.  E-mail:
William_Parker@nps.gov; Phone: (928) 524-6228 x262.