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Syntarsus mexicanum

Hi everyone.  A recent commenter to my blog alerted me to the otherwise unknown 
species "Syntarsus" mexicanum, which is supposedly in the following reference.

González, De Stefano and Hernandez, 2002. [unknown title] in González and 
Stéfano (eds.). Fósiles de México- Coahuila: Una ventana a través del tiempo. 
Gobierno del Estado de Coahuila. 214-215.

Unfortunately I don't have the book, and Gonzalez has not replied to my email.  
I'm betting the specimen is IGM 6624 (described by Munter and Clark [2006] but 
not named), but I'd like some confirmation.  Does anyone happen to have access 
to a copy of Fosiles de Mexico they could check?  Thanks for any help.

Munter and Clark, 2006. Theropod dinosaurs from the Early Jurassic of 
Huizachal Canyon, Mexico. In Carrano, Gaudin, Blob, Wible (eds.). 
Amniote paleobiology: Perspectives on the evolution of mammals, birds, 
and reptiles. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. 53-75.

Mickey Mortimer