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More Sciurimimus stuff

For those who don't recall, the high-resolution picture of this critter
was posted on this list months ago:

The authors try the animal in a number of matrices. In some it comes out
as a true megalosaurid; in others, a basal tetanurine or neotetanurine of
uncertain affinity. Curiously, when Juravenator is included in the
matrices, it and Sciurimimus come out as sister taxa; when Sciurimimus is
removed, Juravenator pops back to being a basal coelurosaur.

Could Sciurimimus be falling out as a megalosauroid because it is a
juvenile (and juveniles tend to fall basal to the adult position)?
Perhaps, although the authors identify some megalosauroid features.

Sadly, the Carrano et al. tetanurine phylogeny came out too late for
Sciurimimus to be plugged into it (not that that is the best matrix, as it
doesn't sample enough coelurosaurs to really test this).

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