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Re: Sciurumimus, the fuzzy megalosaur

From: Ben Creisler

A life-reconstruction of Sciurumimus by Helmut Tischlinger:


From: Jason Brougham:
Any chance that Sciuromimus was preoccupied?
The spelling "Sciuromimus" is not preoccupied so I'm not sure why it
would have been rejected. I would point to the existing zoological
names for mammals (living and fossil) that use sciuro- as a combining

Sciurocheirus Gray 1873
Sciurodon Schlosser 1884
Sciuroides Major 1873
Sciuromys Schlosser 1884
Sciuropterus Cuvier (1824)
Sciurotamias Miller 1901
Neosciuromys Stromer 1921
Pliosciuropterus Sulimski 1964
Pseudosciuromys Stehlin and Schaub 1951
No names I found have "sciuru-" in the same position but there are
many names that end in -sciurus, of course.