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ZBrush is a digital sculpting program that is REALLY artist friendly and you 
can get some great results really quickly.  Basically, I'll be creating a 
dinosaur from a virtual ball of clay using only a few tools in a very short 
period of time.  You can download a free trail copy of the program at 
The webinar is being presented by www.visualarium.com 

You can use this program for the following ( hastily typed sorry…)
-If you have a new dinosaur you have found and need to do some visualizing, or 
use scan data to manipulate or create.  
-If want to make a dinosaur to light, draw and paint it  in a traditional 
medium you can use a model created in the program as reference.
-If you want to make a model to pose or use elements of its anatomy for papers, 
posters or presentations.
-If you want to create a quick digital maquette to visualize your full scale 
clay sculpture and then use the images as orthographic images.
-if you want to make your own toys, sculptures or clones of fossils for 3D 
-if you want to fully render the 3d model in no time, included scales, 
feathers, fur…etc.
-you can quickly turn one species into another in minutes!
This is just a few of the things you could do.

Below  is the link to sign up.  Again, this is FREE.  Of course its your option 
to purchase more intense classes later, but this short intro is on me.
PASS THIS ON to whomever you think could benefit!  Artists and Paleos alike!

Hope to see you at 1:00 on THIS TUESDAY

Sorry about the advertising, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

Take Care

David Krentz

Here is the info, don't hesitate to email me if you can't find the right place 
to register.

> Really quick. David Krentz, director and lead sculptor of Dinosaur 
> Revolutions, just finished some projects and has some time to do a free 
> webinar for his Dinosaur Sculpting class. 
> Title: Dinosaur Sculpting In ZBrush 
> Time: July 17th @ 1PDT 
> Where: Click the link below to register. 
> We're starting with DynaMesh and going from there with the new features in 
> ZBrush class using the latest features by one of the leading paleosculptors 
> out there so make sure not to miss this! 
> CLICK HERE To Register For The Webinar 
> best regards, 
> Ryan 
> P.S. The webinar is Tuesday, July 17th @ 1PM PDT. To manually add yourself 
> use the link below: 
> https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/458046344